Who Am I?
Who Is Taiwo?

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 Who is Taiwo?
Silver ankh on her wrist
...seeped ink into blue blood 
bleed red/black/green 
soft pink of woman 
she dred/faded/braided/afroed 
un-nerved woman 
...child bearer 
love giver/receiver 
dreamer in technicolour fantasies 
on the move-stop and go! 
See: No ego
Silver ankh on her wrist 
sankofa on her back 
dust on the soles of her feet 
no ring on her finger but one on her heart 
she symbol of life 
raised fists and revolutions 
shouts and whispers of freedom 
she scribe on paper in soul alphabets/dialects 
not speaking of action but doing 
she community development 
power to the people! 
she non-profits 
profits for the profit of the people 
good people to people be good 
...poet her pain away 
their pain away 
a way to move forward 
her story tells all stories 
in brown/black/yellow/red 
lilting accent on her words 
she smiles comfort to the masses 
...silver ankh on her wrist 
Who is she?
Taiwo Ogunnaike
Copyright 2004


She is a mother, a lover, a confidante, a counsellor, a sistafriend:)
My name is Taiwo. It means in the Yoruba language 'taste the world first', as I was the firstborn of twins
Ever since my birth, I've been sculpting the words from my tongue so that I can taste them and create my spaces of creativity. This is where I started my own journey with the fascination of words!
My mother hailed from SE Nigeria.  The Yoruba people. Celebrated worldwide for their rich cultural backgrounds. My pa comes all the way from the other side of the world - Macon, Georgia. Where the earth is red and where part of my spirit and is indelibly stained and ingrained with the paternal side of my family. So, the UK? Well, my answer will be found in my future book! So, go and buy when I finally publish it at some stage of my wild and curious life. 

Memory #1: Of being swaddled in my mother's palm oil scented wrapper. Clasped on her back as she swayed to the rhythms of Fela Kuti and dreaming of 'back home'. To be in the epicentre of her beloved family whilst she attempted to remember her archived memories of the sun, the mango trees and open, green spaces.

I've been writing on and off since I was 9 years old. My words that I created were in childish charm, which transformed into adolescent angst and transpired into adult anxieties. These words captured  the whole spectrum of my soul and essence. They have helped me to become the stronger and evolved woman that I am today.
My words have become an anointment to my soul when I cried tears which became the anti-freeze to my pain. My juvenile words became miracles, where I could dream the impossible, in order to release and escape out of my trapped and isolated gloom, which pervaded me like a suffocating fog over my childhood years.
See, I could pretend to be a beautiful princess, with long, flowing blonde hair, waiting for my dashing prince to come and redeem me and  rescue me on his white hourse, therefore releasing me from my doomed childhood sadness. The ultimate goal was so that I could really and truly live happily ever after and live in a sparkling and pristine palace with loving parents.
As my words segued from juvenile longings into mature definitions, they became, for me, a literal bridge. Where I could climb upon and bridge the chasm and begin my therapeutic healing. Where I could be whole again and see the true me.
After awhile as I broke my adult anxieties, my words became the focus of my newfound identity and consciousness as a Beautiful Black Woman. Aint words powerful?
I find that I can create everything in my words. I can bend and mould them into my subconciousness so that they can finally merge with my consciousness. Clever, huh?! I can imprint my words onto fresh pieces of paper and see them magically materialise before me. To share my words with an audience. And just dream.



Ok... enough of the self posturing drama with the above words. Let me tell you what I've done.

I write short stories and poetry. Howver, it's in the latter genre that I've been known to perform with. Ahhh, the applause of the crowd gives me a much needed boost of love, acceptance and validation! Only kidding... well, sort of:)
I have been tempted in the past to publish some of my peaces(sic). But I'm not too keen to put them into a public domain. How ironic is that?! YOU work it out! *wink*
Back in the late 80s and early 90s (when fashion was an absolute faux pas) I belonged to a dynamic writing and performance group who were either from the Caribbean or African descent. We were known as the Rhythm Writers.
I bestowed my presence with them for 3 years until over inflated egos, backbiting and frankly, an overdrive of hormones from both genders within the group(work it out!) decided to cease and desist. Yes, all good things must eventually come to the end *sob*.
However, being part of the group I had the unique experience of performing to diverse audiences. One of the biggest moments for me was sharing a bill with one of my favourite authors of all time *drum roll* Toni Morrison. How amazing is that?!
We also took part in a compilation CD which came out at the demise of the group. The CD was entitled ' One Hell of a Storm: Versemongers meet SoundCreators. Alas, it's no longer in stock:( And me being me (generous to a fault), I lovingly gave my ONLY copy to my boyfriend at the time,who lives in NJ.... He turned out to be  a complete rat. But that's a whole 'nother story! Suffice to say, this was before the days of cd burning, so he still now has a peace(sic) of me! Ah well!!! So, I'm just left with memories and revenge - only joking... well, I think!  

Since then, I've performed all over London. I've even gone international (gasp), to such places as NY, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston and Gambia. Blessing the stage, annointing the mic with only what I know what to do... vocalise my words and see the reactions.

As I feel that writing is a vehicle for using my voice, I hope to  be publishing  my novel in about a year's time. Additionally, I will be editing/writing a book about an issue which is close to my heart. Not gonna spill the subject, cos, I don't want y'all to plagarise my ideas!! 

  I'm not sure yet  if I will take the self publishing route, as I've had some major interests from some well known publishers, but I'm keeping quiet on that for the time being *smile*
Well, I'm running out of space, so check out some of my poetree peaces(sic) on the next page. I will be updating my poetree page every few weeks with some more revised/new peaces on.

Please, leave messages in my guestbook... Nice to see feedback... constructive criticism as well.... Keyword.... CONSTRUCTIVE... NOT DESTRUCTIVE! LOL

P.E.A.C.E.= Positive Energies Activatin Constant Elevation!


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